Saturdee or Satuday, depending on where you’re from 

Old Fashioned + Dark & Stormy
Old Fashioned + Dark & Stormy

Nothing like a dark and stormy and an old fashioned at 1:30pm to kick off a Saturday once designated to be productive turned lazy and reflective. At least that’s how this one Saturday started for us. We were on the internet looking for food options and noticed a place called G’s. Did we decide to go there just because the name of the place is G’s? Of course we did, wouldn’t you? Everyone needs some G in their life!

What is “brunch”?  

We discovered this place when we were browsing the internet for “brunch” restaurants where we could meet our homies and drink the day away while feasting on a combination of breakfast and lunch. Never mind the fact that brunch is not really a thing everywhere in the world (do not assume things!). Well, we didn’t go that day anyway.

Rewind back to the description of the Saturday. K had thoughts of being productive but was trapped by the warm and seductive bedsheets that wouldn’t let her free. After seeing that K was still losing this fight by noon, G suggested going to G’s. K didn’t need more convincing, and negotiated an empty promise with herself to be productive later.

“Where can I get a decent bloody mary on a Sunday!?”

2 G's

G’s West Amsterdam location is on an unassuming block in an even more unassuming store front. The restaurant has modest signage and you have to look twice before you realize it’s the restaurant you’ve been looking for.  When you walk in it’s tiny which really promotes the gezelligheid (coziness, intimacy) the Dutch love. And we like it too. You instantly feel a part of something authentic. It’s not a commercially fabricated restaurant-going experience.  It didn’t hurt that the restaurant’s background music included at least 8 Jay Z tracks, and the played them all baaack to back, followed by other easy listening that we did not expect, but welcomed happily (read: rap).

A friendly and stylish hostess told us that G’s opened 3 1/2 years ago when the brunch scene in Amsterdam was basically non-existent. A group of friends were annoyed that “there wasn’t anywhere they could get a decent bloody mary on a Sunday.” We don’t drink bloody marys (often), but maybe we will start soon. She said that the stakeholder who fronted the most money was named George, so he got to name the place. Great story.

The Food

Challah Cinnamon French Toast
Challah Cinnamon French Toast

Anyway, in addition to the alcoholic beverages mentioned earlier we did get around to ordering real food. A little after we start to experience that slightly buzzed feeling where things seem to take place a little slower and concern for anything other than the present is extremely minimal, our food comes out. K ordered the Challah Cinnamon French Toast. G ordered the Chicken and Waffle Burger. Look, when it comes to desserts, pastries, fried sweets, cakes, and pies, the Dutch will get this right over and over and over. You will have endless dreams reliving how good the Dutch sweets are. That is how K felt about the Challa Cinnamon French Toast. Described as “jewish braided bread soaked in egg, milk, cinnamon. Then pan-fried crispy and topped with banana slices,” this dish did not disappoint.

Chicken Waffle Burger (the part that wasn't inhaled)
Chicken Waffle Burger (the part that wasn’t inhaled)

The description of the Chicken and Waffle Burger is promising. “Crispy fried chicken hugged between 2 sugar waffles topped with bacon, cheddar, and our spicy maple syrup, coleslaw.” G omitted the bacon (swine my brother?). As two self-proclaimed chicken and waffle connoisseurs, we will tell you that what makes the dish so enduring is the perfect balance between sweet and savory. Meaning, savory fried chicken complemented by the waffles own unique sweetness. This balance wasn’t achieved so well with this dish. The waffles were just there, and everything else stole the show. The waffles were like the underdeveloped black token in his/her white friend group from teen movies in the early aughts. In spite of that, G will order this again because, fried chicken.

We will be back. The drink menu was diverse, plus they have a nice variety of food options. We like this place because its a really nice place .


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  1. In addition to seeing one of my favorite married couples in Amsterdam, the description of the Dutch sweets makes it very enticing to come see for myself. Very lovely blog guys!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. omgee I need that Challah French toast like right now…*Contemplates walk in the snowstorm to get loaf of bread*…


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