#BMM Black Man Monday – NEW MUSIC

#BMM is something we want to encourage everyone to participate in!! #BMM stands for Black Man Monday and this is to acknowledge and celebrate all of the good contributions black men are making everywhere. Let’s highlight and focus on all the positive things happening within our community. Create a status or post a picture using the hashtag #BMM on any social media platform. No achievement or effort is too small to acknowledge. You see a Black Man doing something positive, call them out and use the hashtag #BMM.

Together, we can rewrite the narrative associated with the Black Man and paint some different images of how he is presented and perceived by the world. It’s time we stop looking outside of our community for the answers and we start doing our best to lift each other up. This isn’t much but it’s a small step in the right direction and if we come together we can have a positive impact. #BMM

G has created a soundtrack for this movement and he would like to share it with everyone! Please give it a listen and share the link to help spread the message! ENJOY!!!

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