For Us, By Us: Makeup x Breakup Web Series

Makeup x Breakup Brings the Drama

As aspiring black creatives, we spend a lot of time consuming content that is made for us and by us (F.U.B.U. back!). When it comes to film and television, we’ve really enjoyed the Makeup x Breakup web series. The show explores what its like to be a young, black, sexy, and smart millennial in New York city trying to navigate the dating scene. Although the show is only four episodes in, we’ve already seen promising character development and a thickening plot that leaves us wanting and needing to know what happens next. It also doesn’t hurt that the characters are quite attractive and yet hopelessly getting in their own way.

When Brooke blindsides Blake and ends their two year relationship, Blake doesn’t hesitate before jumping back into the New York dating scene. Instantly he finds a new love interest and regains his confidence. Once things begin to get serious, Brooke resurfaces and wants to claim what was once hers. Confused, Blake finds himself caught in the middle. When the dust settles, who will win him over in the end?

Peep the trailer.

The Creator Behind the Web Series

We had a chance to catch up with the mind behind the web series, Eric Dickens. After living in Harlem for eight years, he knew there was a story to tell about perfectly imperfect characters struggling to balance solid careers with finding love. He also thought a dating show would be relatable. Eric has always been on the creative path majoring in Television Production with a minor in Marketing. He moved to NYC after graduating from Delaware State University. He then attended The New School where he started doing short films including an earlier project “2nd Quarter” while getting a Masters in Media Studies.  Eric is hoping to release a second season and ultimately get the show picked up by a major network. We’re staying tuned!

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